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A podcast dedicated to tackling tough issues and developing ways to get better at life!

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A podcast dedicated to exploring ways to consistent self growth. Overcoming adversity and helping others win!

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About Pass Your Limit

It’s simple, not easy…You either fill or find the gaps.

It’s simple, not easy…You either fill or find the gaps.


It all started when…

The naysayers mistakenly handed me a box of gifts. Who are you allowing to set your limit? Listen to the @passyourlimit podcast where I share pillars that have allowed me to toughen my mind and pass my limit. Standby to pass your limit!


Our Programs

In addition to the podcast…Pass Your Limit offers consulting services in occupational health and safety to mitigate risks in the workplace, assistance to disenfranchised youth in Nigeria, process improvement assistance and speaking engagements to drive change .


Pass Your Limit “Scholarship”

Provide direct assistance to underprivileged Secondary School students in Nigeria who have a track record of superlative educational performance…Do you or someone you know qualify? Apply now!


Go beyond your restraints by embracing the physical, intellectual and emotional suck that life will throw at you. Episodes have very knowledgeable guests that offer lessons learned from their most uncomfortable situations. Other episodes will be YOU and ME! No excuses accepted, none! Subscribe then Standby to pass your limit!

Management assistance coach/ Motivational speaker

Use “the Gaps” approach to drive change from the top down with clear and concise guidance that triggers engagment which lead to bottom up refinement from the staff for a better final product. Do you have a challenge with disenfranchised youth, college students, subordinates, a sports team, military organization or do you just want a speaker for an operational stand down or retreat? Contact me now and let me tell you what “the Gaps” 5 step approach will do for you!

Occupational health and safety Consulting

Do you have an Industrial Hygiene concern? Were you recently inspected by an OSHA compliance safety and health officer (CSHO)? Do you need an Operational Risk Management (ORM) done in your workplace? Do you have challenges intepreting 29 CFR 1910, 1915 or 1926 regulations? Contact me now!


March 2019

“You have to be willing to suffer…”

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There are two ways to support Pass Your Limit Inc. Be a guest on a show today or provide critical feedback that will improve our content. Thank you!


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Do you want to know more about how “the Gaps” approach can trigger change in your business, workplace, or team? Contact us now so we can pass your limit together!

Volunteer opportunities

Do you want to help change the life of an underprivileged person? Want some hands on experience? Contact us now…take the leap and travel with me to the places in need.